Businessman Turned Priest

An interview with Grant Wiseman – Priest, St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church

Grant Wiseman of St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church spent years running a business prior to¬†entering the ministry. One things he’s noticed as he reflects on the two is that the way you communicate is key.

Use Language People Understand when Talking about the Business of the Church

Wiseman points out that what many consider good business practices initially started out as church practices. Therefore, he says, it’s often more effective to use practical, business terms that the average layperson can understand rather than the typical flowery spiritual language that can often confuse. He also references the similarities between advertising and evangelism and the value in giving his parishioners practical challenges when it comes to their giving.

Fundraising is Different with each Generation

Wiseman has also observed a noticeable trend when it comes to giving across generations in his church. World War II and Korean War aged people grew up in starkly different contexts and therefore think much differently about commitment to the church than your typical millennial, he says. Therefore, the process of connecting with younger generations is different – and often more lengthy.

In talking with people like Grant Wiseman, we’ve realized that much of the frustration that comes with growing a church stems from communication struggles. Leaders simply have a hard time translating the concepts they understand so that their congregation can understand and buy-in. Add in the fact that as a church leader you are often communicating to 2-3 different generations at a time and it become immensely more difficult.

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