How to Increase Your Giving 20% Every Year

Last time we talked with Pastor Kevin Lloyd, he shared 3 areas of focus for any church to kickstart growth: Staff, Culture, and Systems.

This time we caught back up with him to discuss one system in specific – giving. This is a tough one. For one, most people don’t like to talk about money, especially when it comes to asking people for money. As a pastor or church leader, you may often feel conflicted because although you know you need money to fund the ministry of the church, you don’t want to come across the wrong way.

In this podcast, Kevin shares the system he and his church use every year – the result? 20% annual growth six years and counting. He sums up the shift in mentality that made the biggest difference:

“Instead of continuing to live moment-to-moment in our annual stewardship strategy, we started living season-to-season.”

In this season-to-season approach, Kevin and his team segment their year into a few key giving seasons and plan all of their communication and fundraising efforts around them.

You can download the template for free here.

Download the Annual Giving Calendar

When you’re proactive in communicating your message about giving, you become focused and clear rather than scattered and confusing. When that happens, people can quickly and easily understand why and how they should invest in your ministry. As Kevin and his team have seen, that means unprecedented growth.

Download the Annual Giving Calendar now and get your team on track to living season-to-season!