How to Tap into the Emotional Aspect of Giving

“Every pastor in the world is asking the question: how do tap into the emotional aspect of giving?” Pastor Phillip Dunn says. To do this he targets two principles for creating a culture of giving in your church.

Giving is a Discipleship Issue

“We cannot understand giving until we understand what it means to be a follower of Christ.” When Jesus called people to follow him, it radically shaped their view of everything.

One way to tap into the emotional aspect of giving is to learn how to say “this is what we want for you as a disciple of Christ. This is not about people giving to avoid guilt,” Dunn says. He goes on: …The thing that has to happen in people’s hearts is that they have to understand that they’re on this earth in order to make a difference, and one of the greatest ways that we can tangibly make a difference is through our resources.”

Start with a Vision

The next helpful principle Dunn targets is casting a vision.

“When people get a vision for living beyond themselves, it changes their faith,” he says.

Communicating giving to his congregation always starts with asking a question of God first: What do you want us to do in our community, city, and world? Once you have a vision for how your church is going to answer God’s call, then you call people into it.

People can have 12 different ways to give and a hundred different causes to give to, but unless they are discipled and given vision, it won’t change anything in their generosity.

At One Big Church we come alongside churches to help them implement a framework for communicating their vision in a way that engages people.

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