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Finding a church home takes time.
It’s intimidating.
It’s vulnerable.
And for these reasons, honestly, a lot of people just give up.

That’s where One Big Church comes in. We’re a brand new online network designed to connect more people to churches they can call home. We empower churches just like you to:

1) Be Found - Reach more people in your community
2) Be Funded - Get the funding you need to keep growing your ministry
Why People Give Up the Church Search
Jessica and Steve both work full time and have three kids-- you could say they’ve got their hands full. Jessica grew up Pentecostal and Steve is Southern Baptist. They just moved to Atlanta, and have had a terrible time finding a home church. Worship is very important to Jessica, while structured bible lessons are crucial for Steve. They both want to find a place with a strong children’s program. They’ve tried visiting a couple places, but honestly, nothing clicked. Their frustrated search ended up causing several arguments, and eventually they just stopped looking.

Michelle grew up Church of Christ. She LOVED her home church and was involved in life groups and community outreach during middle and high school. But when she moved to Los Angeles for college, she felt very nervous about finding somewhere new by herself. Sitting in the back of a church she knew nothing about felt too overwhelming for her shy personality. She tried a couple places, but they didn’t have the college outreach program she was looking for. So she gave up.

Amanda isn’t sure she even believes in God. Her parents were burned very badly by a church when she was a kid, so the last time she stepped foot in a church was for Easter when she was 8. That was twenty years ago. Lately, she’s been struggling with finding purpose and meaning in her life. She’s thought about visiting a church, but doesn’t have any Christian friends to ask about where to go. In Dallas where she lives, there’s a church on every corner, but picking a random one to visit seems too intimidating. So she keeps putting it off.
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